Electro Marine

North American representative for Ulmatec Pyro.

Waste Heat Recovery Systems.

Ulmatec Pyro, Waste Energy Recovery Systems

Up to 40% of losses can be recovered

The heat losses from Diesel engines can easily be captured through Exhaust and HT Cooling Systems. 

Efficient re-use of waste heat.

Automatic control systems monitors engine profile, and captures heat when engines are running. The heat will be distributed to consumers through Flow Control Units. 

Typical users

  • Heating of accommodation
  • Hot potable water
  • Fresh water makers
  • De-icing
  • Tank heating / HFO heating
  • Ballast water treatment
  • Preheating of engines in stby
  • Electricity from waste heat
  • Airconditioning from waste heat

Electro Marine is North American Representative for Ulmatec Pyro

Also representing and working with:

Mare Safety

Mare Safety makes Rescue Boats after stringent quality and safety standards. 

Hybrid technology

Electro Marine was a proud contributor in "Vision of the Fjord" project. 

Currently, we are participating on the Seasight Zero, "Future of the Fjords." 

Finnoy Gear & Propeller

Finnoy Gear & Propeller, a Norwegian company specializing in advanced gearboxes and complete propulsion systems. 

Conceptual design

Electrical systems have changed fundamentally the last decade.  A discussion about marine electrical systems is planned on this site.. 

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